In this “Information” part, you can find more specific information and further details about Racetropin. All contents in this part are released in a form of “Questions & Answers” like FAQ. It can help you to grasp key information more easily and understand it better.


Why Racetropin?

I believe this would have to be the most frequently asked questions. Among so many HGH offered by various suppliers and in different names on the market, why should I choose Racetropin?

Well, one of the biggest reasons is Racetropin is a pharmaceutical grade product. Pharmaceutical grade means quality of the product has been suitable for medicinal use and a product can be called pharmaceutical grade only if it is strictly verified by specific assay methods issued by an official pharmacopeia to meet all specifications on it.

The specifications about pharmaceutical grade HGH in pharmacopeia including control of residue of E.coli DNA, Host-cell-derived proteins, Bacterial Endotoxins are all in extremely high demand. To meet these specifications, the whole work must be done perfectly in every single detail. And now let’s take a look at what it takes Racetropin to become a pharmaceutical grade HGH:

Best quality strains and analytical reagents used in production

Every substance, every material, everything used in the whole production must be best quality. A masterpiece can hardly be created through inferior materials. Although best quality strains and analytical reagents cost a lot, it is a must.

World class equipments and GMP plants for analyzing and production

No pharmaceutical grade products can be produced without GMP plants and those hard and complicated work such as analyzing or purification can not be done without world class equipments.

Support from talented scientists

Our scientists have engaged in production of rDNA technology for more than 10 years. Their knowledge, experience and skills have always been the greatest contribute to Racetropin.

Strict and complete verification system

Racetropin doesn’t become a pharmaceutical grade product without being verified! We have built a verification system that contains strict and complete procedures to test every batch of Racetropin we have produced and make sure all of them have met all specifications in pharmacopeia.

Not every source can produce HGH like that and not every HGH on the market are produced like that!

Is Racetropin consensus?

Every batch of Racetropin will be strictly verified if they have really become pharmaceutical grade before they are available on the market. In another word, we set up a line of quality standard for Racetropin. Any product that doesn’t reach that line will be eliminated. So Racetropin must be consensus.

What about Racetropin vs Tier one HGH from Big Pharma like Genotropin, Humatrope etc? Which is better?

Big Pharma HGH are always the best on the market. They will always be the best choice if you have a strong economic background. But sometimes when you need to be economical, Racetropin could be an ideal alternative.


I have seen anti-counterfeit codes on other HGH. Is there a same or similar code on Racetropin?

No. Actually, we had planned to add anti-counterfeit codes on Racetropin at the first place but after some time, we found it doesn’t work that well on other HGH. Simply to say, those codes can not prevent them from being faked. So we decide not to waste time and efforts on building those codes.


How do you prevent Racetropin from being faked and how I can be sure the Racetropin I get is real?

Well, if someone really intends to fake Racetropin, he will always find a way to make the fake stuff looks as real as ours. So far, there is no good way to prevent this from happening. So rather than sparing time and efforts on some problem that can not be fixed at the moment, we prefer focusing on making best quality HGH. If you are worrying about being scammed by fake products, you can contact us. This is the official website of Racetropin. You can always get real Racetropin from here.

Is Racetropin in vacuum vials or are they filled with nitrogen?

Previously, we used nitrogen for Racetropin. Now, we are using vacuum. Actually, there is not a big difference between nitrogen and vacuum except that water can be poured into syringe more easily after inserting into vials in vacuum.

The reason why we used nitrogen before is it is good for maintaining the shape of lyophilized powders, making them look beautiful. But now, we have found a way to keep the good shape of powders while using vacuum. So we are using vacuum now.