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Thank you for visiting www.racetropin.com. This is the official website of Racetropin issued by its creator LIN Bio-Chemicals (abbre: LIN). LIN dedicates itself to become a reliable company that provides bio-chemical products with best quality. But “reliable” means many things, including legit and responsibility. So LIN must behave and regulate itself in every single way and LIN has a responsibility to protect mutual interest between clients and itself. To realize it, we need every of our client or vistors to read and agree with conditions and terms listed below:

Please be noticed that our terms and conditions might be modified from time to time, do make sure you have read and agreed with the latest version before you make a deal with LIN. If you do not agree with those terms, you can not make any deal with LIN.

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All peptides, research chemicals and bio-chemical products supplied by LIN Bio-Chemicals Limited are raw materials or research materials and are intended for laboratory and research only. All buyers who purchase peptides, research chemicals and bio-chemical products from LIN Bio-Chemicals are assumed and expected to be trained and qualified researchers who are fully aware and knowledgeable about the products they purchased from LIN Bio-Chemicals. The buyers do know what the product they purchase from us is and how to use them in proper ways. LiN reserves the right to limit sales of products to or not to sell products to unqualified buyers. And in no event and circumstances shall LIN Bio-Chemicals Limited or any of its affiliates be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages caused by improper use of buyers.

Regarding custom issues, since custom regulations are different from country to country, LIN Bio-Chemicals Limited has no obligation to find out whether the products buyers purchase from LIN are allowed to be imported to buyers' countries or not. It is buyers' responsibility to make sure the products they purchase from LIN are allowed to be imported into their local custom. If any custom issue happens or any package gets seized by buyers' customs due to prohibited imports, LIN Bio-Chemicals Limited and all its affiliates will not be responsible for the issues and have nothing to do with it. It is the buyer who should take the responsibility for all this.

By reading this disclaimer, the buyer understand and agree with all the details above and commits that he is a qualified researcher and under no circumstances will he use any of peptides, research chemicals and bio-chemical products he purchase from LIN Bio-Chemicals in an inappropriate manner. If not, the buyer will be responsible for any consequences caused by his improper use. LIN Bio-Chemicals has nothing to do with all this.

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